Your personal stop smoking device

Your personal CO device, to help you quit smoking, one breath at a time.

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Track your progress

Track your progress to a smoke-free life

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About the iCOquit®

The iCOquit® app works in conjunction with the iCOquit® Smokerlyzer® personal stop-smoking tool to provide visual motivation to help you quit as well as track your quitting progress in real-time.
The iCOquit® Smokerlyzer® measures the carbon monoxide (CO) on your breath and displays the readings within the app. Based on the questions you have answered, relating to your smoking habits, and your CO reading, you will then receive your result from the Fagerström Test.

Record your data

An innovative piece of technology for users to track their progress to a smoke-free life

Easy to use app

The app records your breath CO readings and presents results instant using a motivation traffic light system

Share your results

Share your result with your family and friends to show them your improvements

Stop smoking

An exciting way to stop smoking and change your health and lifestyle

How to use the device

The iCOquit® Smokerlyzer is a personal Bluetooth carbon monoxide CO devices which helps take control of your stop smoking journey.

This pocket sized device motives you to improve your own health and wellbeing and helps you to stop smoking. Watch the video here for more information

How COVID-19 changed Stop Smoking Services

COVID-19 presented many challenges as face to face smoking cessation support stopped, in turn, Stop Smoking Services had to adapt quickly in order to offer their patients remote support.

Your personal stop smoking device

The iCOquit® Smokerlyzer® is user friendly, fits in your pocket and provides constant support to those who are trying to quit smoking.

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Bluetooth® compatible

Connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®

Instant results

Take a quick breath test and receive instant results, helping you to stop smoking

Become smoke free

With instant results shown using a motivational traffic light system and the ability to take a reading anytime, anywhere, the iCOquit® Smokerlyzer® can help you quit smoking successfully!

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Take a look below at some of the many reviews we have received for the iCOquit® Smokerlyzer®

The Smokerlyzer® CO device have been providing support to health professionals and acted as a motivational aid to smokers for the past few decades. Being able to support smokers daily and incorporating 'stop smoking' treatment into their tech-products will massively increase the chance of helping smokers to quit.

Jane Wright, Public Health Manager at Warwickshire Stop Smoking

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